Montag, 22. Juli 2024


#77 ~the evening is coming to an end~n end
Body Maitreya LaraX
Head LeLUTKA Noel
Hair RAMA Erika 

Outfit .::PiNK CHERRY::. *Astra* ♥Thanks♥
incl.*Belly Chain*Shoulder Chain*Skirt*Top*
* available in 14 Color variations*
*made for * Maitreya (LaraX)*Legacy (Classic & Perky)*
*Reborn (+Waifu) Mesh-Body compatible*

available @mainstore


Samstag, 20. Juli 2024


#76~step by step~

Body: Maitreya Lara X
Head: LeLUTKA Noel
Hair: DOUX Luz 

Outfit: {Le'La} *Chandra Outfit* ♥Thanks♥
incl. *Chain*Heels*Pants*Sweater*Top*
made for *Maitrayer lara (Lara X & Petite)*Reborn +Waifu*
*Legacy+Perky*Kupra* Erika
*Genx Curvy & Classic*
30 color Hud (Outfit)
40 color Hud (Jeans)
New release @mainstore:


Freitag, 19. Juli 2024


#75 ~refreshment on the beach~

Body : Maitreya LaraX
Head : LeLUTKA Noel
Hair : DOUX Laura

*New Release*
Outfit : ..::B2K Design::..*Set Tina* ♥Thanks♥
incl *Bra*Panty*Skirt & Top*
made for *LaraX*Legacy & Perky*Reborn & Waifu*
*15 Colors HUD*

available @mainstore:


Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024



#74 ~in your arms~

Body : Maitreya LaraX 
Head : LeLUTKA Noel
Hair : DOUX Bellami 

Outfit : pOOnsh *Jun Dress* ♥Thanks♥
incl *Dress & HUD*
*(14 Colors HUD* + Tint Picker for Fatpack)
made for *LaraX*Legacy & Perky*
*Reborn & Waifu*
*also available as a Single Pack*
(Tint Picker is NOT available for this Package)

available @TOKYO ZERO Event
 runs july 10th till july 25th,Taxi:

RAMSEI *By my Side* ♥Thanks♥
incl. Couple Pose & AVSitter*


Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024


#73 ~little dream~

*Funiture & Decor*
LouChara * Laura Collection* ♥Thanks♥
incl *Crate Decor*Deco Shelf*Rug*
*Bench & Plants*
*Couples & Singles*Animations*

available @WIP Event
runs July 02th till July 22th,Taxi:


Montag, 15. Juli 2024


#72 ~dark domina~

Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : LeLUTKA Noel
Hair : S-CLUB Kim

Outfit: {Le'La} *Dark Cuckoo* ♥Thanks♥
incl. *Jacket-Boots-Clovers-Jumpsuit-*
made for *Maitrayer lara (Lara X & Petite)*Reborn& Reborn Waifu*
*Legacy (Perky & Bombshell) *Kupra* Erika*Genx Curvy & Classic*
new release @mainstore:


Freitag, 12. Juli 2024


#71 ~flower fountain~

Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : LeLUTKA Noel

*New Release*
Outfit : [WellMade] *Luzia Set♥Thanks♥
incl *Dress +Panty & Hud*
made for *Matreya & Lara X + Petite & Smash B*
Belleza Classic & Curvy*Legacy + Perky & Pushup Nerido*
*Reborn + Jurcy B * 
*Fatpack 36 Colors *



#77 ~ the evening is coming to an end ~ n end Body  Maitreya LaraX Head   LeLUTKA  Noel Hair   R AMA  Erika  *Outfit* Outfit   .::PiNK CHER...